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The Dynamics of Power
A unified approach towards a more complete understanding of Power 
Online Course by Sean McFadden

Power is an idea that everybody is familiar with. Or so it seems.
Power incites awe, fear, praise, submission, pain, dominance, and glory. Those who strive for it end up being devoured by it. Those who do not desire power, are most suited to wield it. In many ways, power represents an elusive mystery, an unknown dark energy, not fully comprehended. Since antiquity, many brilliant thinkers have given explanations and justifications for power. A wide range of angles and perspectives can be employed in order to study power. This course journeys through the works of the most profound thinkers of power. Once completed, all conventional illusions pertaining to power shall be shattered so that we can see it for it really is.

In order to understand power we will read Plato, Aristotle, Carl Schmitt, Foucault, Bertrand de Jouvenel, and Edward Bernays. 

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