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The Humboldt University Ideal

In this upcoming book Dr. Johannes A. Niederhauser lays out Wilhelm von Humboldt's pivotal Ideal of the University. Situating Humboldt in his epoch, which indeed is the beginning of our very own epoch, the book develops the Idea of the University for the age to come.

Humboldt envisioned the university as the place for the self to actualise the truth of the cosmos. The university as a place for otium, for theoria, was not intended to be an institution of passing on dogmas.

Rather, the university was to be a place for self-initiated learning, exploration of one's inner self, which would, Humboldt was convinced, inevitably lead to greater freedom and the fulfillment of cosmological law.

The book is set to be published by Halkyon Publishing later in 2023.

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