From Kant to Hegel 

Introduction to German Idealism 

The philosophical movement called German Idealism is arguably one of the most important periods of modern philosophy. 

German Idealism, roughly the time from Kant to Hegel, tried to reconcile being and thought and ground thinking on logic while also respecting the limits of Reason alone.

In this course we will examine Kant's project of critiquing Reason, Fichte's Transcendental Ego, Schelling's concept of necessary freedom and Hegel's early aspirations to articulate Spirit. 

Other thinkers considered include Reinhold, Salomon Maimon, Hölderlin, Descartes, Hume, Leibniz and Baumgarten. 

Topics include Pure Reason and its Critique, transcendental Idealism, the question of freedom, negativity and history, the Absolute Idea, Nature and Spirit. 

For anyone who wants to understand our (and postmodern) condition, German Idealism is a pivotal field of study. 

"Learn only in order to create", said the German philosopher Friedrich Schelling in his lectures on university studies. And this shall also be our leitmotif for this course. 

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