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Halkyon Symposion: 
Plato's Myth of the Cave

Let's end 2021 in style. On the last weekend before Christmas we meet for the First Halkyon Symposion to discuss in depth the most astonishing - and terrifyingly prescient - philosophical myth:

Plato's Cave.  

Plato, it seems, foresaw our modern world of telecommunication and television. Shadows of copies, hence simulations make up the world of the inmates of the Cave - the first simulacrum described in philosophy. Did Plato trap us in the Cave? How, if at all, can we break free? How can we decipher the shadows? Is freedom possible inside the Cave? Is our media world a world of shadows and hence unfreedom? Join us for a weekend of profound discussion and close reading of this seminal, destining Myth - and articulate your own exit from the Cave.

When: December 18th and 19th, 5-8pm GMT 

What you get: 

  • 6+ hours of group discussion led by Johannes A. Niederhauser, PhD

  • 1 exclusive Video lecture (1 hr) 

  • 5 pages of exclusive handouts

  • Insights into the original Ancient Greek text and original translations of key words

  • Virtual discussion forum and community of learners

    Fee: 220GBP 
    You are fully enrolled when you have sent the registration fee to our PayPal account. Please Include your email address in the note. You will receive confirmation from us via PayPal message or email.

Plato's Cave Myth is the Parable of our Time

The Echoes of Plato's Cave can still be heard for anyone awake enough. E.M. Forster's short story "The Machine Stops" is such an echo.

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