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Halkyon Academy

Thus Spoke Nietzsche
Nihilism, Amor Fati, Eternal Recurrence


Nietzsche suffered through the malaise of nihilism like no thinker before - and perhaps like no thinker after him.

In this course we will delve into his accounts of nihilism, the death of God and Nietzsche’s unique response to the sickness that is modernity: Amor Fati and the Eternal Recurrence of the Same. Art was the means and the goal of this great Yes to Life.

The Unknown Nietzsche

The course covers the major published works by Nietzsche but also includes a vast amount of his notes which are not available in English. The notes contain some of the most explosive thoughts from Nietzsche and also unknown sides of his philosophy.



  1. Introductory Lecture: Will to Power and the Uncanny Wheelwork 

  2. Birth of Tragedy and Monumental History

  3. Death of God: Nihilism as the History of the next 200 years

  4. Amor Fati: The great Yes to Life

  5. Eternal Recurrence and the Shifts of Time

  6. Beyond Good and Evil: The Twilight of the Future 

  7. Zarathustra and the Philosophy of the Future

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