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Martin Heidegger Being and Time Course

Martin Heidegger's 
Being and Time 
Masterclass 2023

Taught by Dr. Johannes A. Niederhauser

Come with me on the philosophical journey of your life and delve into this yet unknown book — unknown in terms of its true and full scope. Heidegger's Being and Time is the first attempt at saying being directly in harmony with its relationship to ecstatic time. The quest of Being and Time is no less than discovering anew being as such and in this way also overcoming subjectivism — to transform the human being to become Dasein. 

Download the study guide today and embark on your own thinking path towards rekindling the great fire. Group Seminars begin Sunday, January 22nd, 2023. We will meet for 10 consecutive Sundays, always from 6-8pm UK time (1--3pm EST). The final seminar will be on March 26th, 2023. 
At one of the seminars we will discuss a film by Terrence Malick and at the final seminar you can present your own work.

Enrolment is now open! Please see details below for study options.

I see you along the way,


Keep the Fire of the Question Burning

“Do we in our time have an answer to the question of what we really mean by the word ‘being’? Not at all. Hence we must raise anew the question of the meaning of being.” Thus begins Heidegger’s Being and Time — the book which tries to rekindle the fire of philosophy for our desolate age. We shall attempt the same. For the gigantic battle for the meaning of being is raging once more. 

“Higher than actuality stands possibility.” — Martin Heidegger  

It is as striking as telling that Heidegger’s Being and Time has been misread since its first publication up until today as some sort of “existentialism” or “anthropological phenomenology”. Yet, the question of BT is purely and simply for the possibility of being as such. How is it that being is? How is it that the human being has a connection to being and is addressed by it? Hence, in this course we shall address precisely these questions in light of ecstatic temporality. In this course we will do justice to this great work and the fact that it constitutes explicitly a necessary repetition of the question of being. Why is this necessary? Simply put, because the ontology on which our entire scientific world is built upon, is misguided — and we are today reaping the catastrophic results. Hence, it is time for a new fundamental ontology, one that appreciates our interwovenness with the world, what Heidegger called “being-in-the-world” and our human finitude. Rather than trying to control nature and the planet and humans scientifically. In order to achieve this we must find out who the human being really is: Dasein. 

Study Paths

Choose the Path that's right for you in your studies of Being and Time. Click on the image to enrol. Or visit our teachable course page here

martin heidegger private

Learn at your own pace. $397 (plus VAT)

You get access to:

  • 8 exclusive Lectures

  • 10+ hours of Video and Audio

  • 8 Downloadable Lecture Handouts (PDF)

  • Life Time Access to Course Materials

  • Life Time Access to Future Course Updates

Heidegger Zollikon Seminars

Learn with your new peers in seminars led by Johannes. $649 (plus VAT)

You get access to:

  • All from lower tier plus:

  • 10 Live Group Seminars led by Dr. Johannes A. Niederhauser (2 hours each)

  • Present your own work at final seminar

  • Learn how to write philosophical essays

  • Movie Night discussion seminar

  • Access to Discord Server

martin heidegger and buber

Dialogue with Johannes in private.

$1597 (plus VAT)

You get access to:

  • All from lower tiers

  • PLUS:

  • 8 private 1:1 sessions with Dr. Johannes A. Niederhauser (1-1.5 hours each)

Your Teacher: Johannes A. Niederhauser

Johannes received his PhD with a thesis on Heidegger’s question of being and how it is only via death that we can find a genuine access and answer to this question. After graduating from Warwick in 2018 Johannes returned to London to teach philosophy at Birkbeck College London (until 2021). Since 2020 Johannes has been building the Halkyon Guild & Academy. He has published widely on Heidegger in English and in German. His most recent book is “Heidegger on Being and Death: An Answer to the Seinsfrage” (Springer 2021). 

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