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From Kant to Hegel


Enrolment is now closed! But you can download the syllabus for our upcoming Hegel course here.

“Nature is visible Spirit. Spirit is invisible Nature” 

- Friedrich Schelling

The philosophical movement known as German Idealism is arguably one of the most important periods of all modern philosophy. 

German Idealism begins with Kant’s critique of reason and finds its culmination in Hegel’s philosophy of spirit.

The study of this period as a whole is pivotal for anyone wishing to understand Kant, Fichte, Hegel, Schelling, and Hölderlin. But it is also crucial for anyone wishing to achieve a more grounded understanding of Marxism, 20th century continental philosophy, and accelerationism.

Thinkers like Marx, Husserl, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Sartre, Kojevé, Deleuze are not only heavily influenced by German Idealism. Their projects would have been impossible without it.  

German Idealism is not grey theory. It depicts rather an epoch in which the dimension of the human stands revealed most fully in all its spiritual glory. 

Thus, to study German Idealism means to delve into the cosmic-spiritual dimension of the human being and his Spirit.

A reawakening of Spirit brought about by Kant’s critical philosophy, which was nothing short of an earthquake. 

In the course we will learn about the following:


  • Kant, his time and his predecessors. This will include Descartes, Leibniz, Baumgarten, and Hume. 

  • Kant’s Critical Philosophy, his transcendental idealism and its aftermath (Reinhold, Maimon, Fichte)

  • Schelling’s Philosophy of Nature and Absolute Idealism

  • Hölderlin on the Ether and Absolute Idealism

  • Hegel’s Philosophy of Spirit, Nature, and Being

  • Human Freedom, Spirit and our Place in Nature

  • Readings will include excerpts from Kant's First Critique, Fichte's Doctrine of Science, Hölderlin's poem Leisure, Schelling's essay on freedom, and excerpts from Hegel's Science of Logic


"Learn Only In Order To Create!"

"I grew up in the arms of the gods"

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