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Halkyon Publications

Halkyon Publications is an independent publisher of original philosophical works and an indie music label.

Book Publications

"Winter & Summer" by Shaun Berke


It is time for hidden beauty to raise spirits and conduct the will to purpose; time for the eternal children to come of age; time for us to gather together the fragments of truths so that we might overcome the long night of nihilism. It is time to see our world in our selves and to bear the responsibilities hanging between yesterday and tomorrow. It is up to each of us to find the values required to uphold a culture in balance with nature. Finding ourselves snowed in, the world confines itself, once again, to the Cave. It is time to strike fire, to carry the torch, to awaken the memory of potential. 



Shaun Berke (1983) is an American painter, philosopher, and outdoorsman from Thousand Oaks, California. A career in culture cultivated his dedication to nature, unearthing insights from mind, myth, and man.


Purchase "Winter & Summer" here

Berke_winterandsummer B-Format Ebook Cov

Our first music publication is John Vouloir's record "Fire Walk With Me"

You can purchase the record here or listen to it on Spotify and Apple Music.

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