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"The Starry Heaven Above Me"
Kant's Battle for Freedom

From Pure Reason to Sublime Genius

9 Weeks Masterclass

Begins 20th of April, 2024

Enrolment Now Open!


In honour of Kant's 300th

2024 sees Kant's 300th birthday. At Halkyon we wish to honour the incredible achievement of Kant's thought revolution by offering a 9 week Masterclass on his Critical Philosophy. We will focus mainly on the Critique of Pure Reason as we situate this text in its time and also begin to understand how his thought impacts our lives today.

For all details on the course and to enrol please follow this link to our partner website teachable.

The Earthquake named Kant

The publication of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason was an earth-shattering moment. Not only was reason and its presuppositions seriously critiqued for the first time. 
The Kantian revolution also firmly placed the human mind in the centre of cognition ensuring the validity of formal logic and scientific findings before any experience. 


We shall also read excerpts of the Second and the Third Critiques focusing on the ethical grounding of reason and sublime genius as well as man's place in nature respectively.


For more details on the course please download our course syllabus below. 

If you wish to gain an understanding of our age, Kant’s critical philosophy is indispensable.
For it is precisely by transcendental logic that flying airplanes becomes possible.  


Kant and our Time

While the focus is on reading Kant together, we will throughout the course also discuss the tremendous impact Kant’s revolutionary thought has had on the world. 
It is no exaggeration to stress that transcendental logic enables the flying of airplanes and space-ships. 
We will also delve into accelerationism and AI as both are derivative to the Kantian revolution. 

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