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The Thinkers Guild 

“What is truly noble about a work or
human being is the moment when their sea is smooth and they have found halcyon

 Friedrich Nietzsche

Aufbruch und Ewigkeit

The Guild is born out of the realisation that in this our weird epoch, which is only just beginning, our task is to keep the flame of memory,

cosmic and human, alive and shining through the fissures of the Cave.

This our epoch depicts the slow collapse of the metaphysical dimension and its subsequent instrumentalisation, which leaves the human being desolated.

As we stand on the edge of human destiny,

it is time to build human worlds again. 

At Halkyon we bring together the wisdom of philosophy, the world-establishing modes of art, and the revealing powers of technology in order to create a

Temple to Mnemosyne. A new Pantheon grounded in scholé. A sacred place for wonder, reverence, and awe.

We are building our Temple with Junonian sobriety and Halkyonic Gelassenheit.
Halkyon shall indeed become synonymous with a new house of economics. 

We call this house oikonomia scholeia.

Through technology we aim to advance to a higher level of what is possible in education and learning. 

May the human being flourish through a rekindling of paideia and philanthrophia. Paideia connects us in a loving and appreciative manner with our heritage and ancestors while philanthrophia connects us to humans present and future. Paideia, or Bildung in German, means to learn how to be human.

We stand in the tradition of the one true Philosophy whose guiding thought is encapsulated in a word from Meister Eckhart:
“Why do you go out? In order to return home.”

The Halkyon Thinkers Guild is a gathering of philosophers, thinkers, artists, writers, musicians. An eclectic order devoted to the ideal of human flourishing for the sake of the greater Good. Before there were universities, there were the Guilds of scholars,  who freely taught philosophy to their students, wandering from to town to town across Europe. To this the Halkyon Guild returns in order to prepare another future. 

What are Poets for in desolate times?, asks Hölderlin. 

Poets and thinkers, those who can read the signs before others, are there so as to prepare the land for the new temple.

The Garden of Athens has too long been left abandoned. 

In the face of tempest and looming destruction the mythic ice bird Halkyon remains calm and peaceful. The Halkyon gives birth to new life during winter solstice — its view already in the new year. 

Join us along the Peripatos and build with us. 

Halkyon Yearbook


Support The Guild

The Halkyon Guild is made possible by its members and generous donations from the public.

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