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The Purpose of the Guild

Aufbruch und Ewigkeit

The Guild is born out of the realisation that we today desperately need a new institution to weather the challenges ahead.

Thus we bring together the wisdom of philosophy, the revealing forces of art, and the powers of technology.

The Halkyon Thinkers Guild is a gathering of philosophers, thinkers, artists, writers, musicians. An eclectic order devoted to the ideal of self-cultivation for the sake of the greater Good. 

In times as ours, an epoch of disintegration and confusion, radically different ways of sense-making and learning are necessary. 

Guilds once were orders of scholars who freely taught philosophical wisdom to their students. 

It is to this ideal we return with Halkyon.

In the face of tempest and looming destruction the ice bird Halkyon remains calm and peaceful.

The guild combines philosophy, art, poetry, and technology to build a human world of beauty and sense.

Our guild focuses on research and teaching in these areas and aspires to carry on the torch of wisdom.

"That which is really noble in a work or human being is the moment when their sea is smooth and they have found halcyon self-sufficiency"

Friedrich Nietzsche in Beyond Good and Evil

johannes niederhauser

Founder & President

Johannes A. Niederhauser, PhD

Thinker. Philosopher. Renaissance Man.

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The Halkyon Thinkers Guild was founded by Johannes Achill Niederhauser. You find our Guild Members here

We Halcyonians are devoted to "light feet, wit, fire, grave, grand logic, stellar dancing, wanton intellectuality, the vibrating light of the South, the calm sea—perfection" says Nietzsche.  

And so we look to what's coming, some of the greatest challenges to mankind ahead, from the standpoint of the calm sea. 

According to the Ancients the mythical bird "Halkyon" was said to breed on a nest at sea during a period of calm weather around winter solstice. With clemency we pause to think and foresee what is to come. We wish to further the creative inventiveness of the wisdom of philosophia. Hence we offer courses and private philosophy tutorials, and we run a Yearbook with monthly publications in different media. 

In terms of support we are looking for patronage and spaces where we can hold conferences and workshops.

You can become a member by joining one of our courses with group seminars. You can find our academy here.

Halkyon Yearbook


Support The Guild

The Halkyon Guild is made possible by its members and generous donations from the public.