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Plato's Republic Masterclass 2024
Read the most Fundamental Philosophical Text 

In 2024 we will read Plato's Republic together. During 10 seminars we will discuss the most significant philosophical moments of this groundwork. All lectures have been recorded at Athens and Delphi and breathe the local spirit. Together we will learn about the ideal city, the so-called theory of forms, appropriate art, justice and injustice, the theory of the soul, the myth of the cave, Plato's Idea of the Good, and the Philosopher King.

Seminars are set to begin in mid January 2024. 

In Philosophy there is no way around Plato. Plato is the first philosopher who deserves the name. Plato's Republic or Politeia as is the original title is fundamental to any future philosophy. In this course we will consider mainly the philosophical tenets laid out in this groundwork of philosophy. Reading Plato’s Republic in an online course has the potential to change your life. You will walk away with a more profound and sounder understanding of Western thought. Download the syllabus today. 

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Download the Course Syllabus 

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