Johannes A. Niederhauser, PhD

Founder & President

Johannes holds a PhD in Philosophy from Warwick University. He has published widely on Heidegger, German Philosophy and Ancient Thought. He is founder & president of Halkyon Guild & Academy.  

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Daniel Zaruba

Headmaster of Japanese Thought

Daniel is headmaster of Japanese Thought at Halkyon Guild. Daniel has been a member of Halkyon since early 2020.

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Filip Niklas

Headmaster of Hegelian Science

Filip's research examines freedom and logic. He also enjoys weaving new word systems in poetic form. 

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Lew Sterling


Lew Sterling is a thinker learning from Ancients and Moderns alike. His current project involves the contrast of cybernetic and phenomenological thinking. Lew brings this knowledge of languages to bear heavily on his writing and teaching. 


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