Philosophical Practice

Our founder Johannes Achill offers tutorials and consultations at a discretionary honorarium. 

Get in touch via email.

Private Tutorials

In private philosophy tutorials we read philosophy together and converse about your most pressing questions.

Ideally we meet for about 1 - 2 hours per session. 


Philosophical Consultation

Philosophical Consultation sessions serve as a space to examine and analyse existential questions. We converse about meaning, excellence, virtue, and how to accomplish your projects. 

Open to private individuals, executives, creatives, scholars.  


For Organisations

For organisations and teams we offer community building workshops. 

The workshops help you and your organisation to find the clarity and clemency required to make wise decisions.


"Your teaching has brought about a profound change in my belief about the ultimate nature of things. Previously, I was a thoroughgoing materialist and empiricist. No longer. Put simply, there is something else going on which is beyond us, though we are part of it." 
- Private student 

"Conversing with you is demanding in a good way. Thanks to our conversations I am seeing a new thinking, a different attunement emerges."
- Consultation guest

"Thanks to the time we spend thinking together, I have awoken to the wonder that there is world and meaning around us." 
- Private student

"Death awaits us all, yet honestly confronting one’s mortality is, for most people, an uncomfortable and even distressing idea. Yet death, properly understood, is precisely what gives meaning to life.
Dr Johannes A. Niederhauser is a philosopher with a rich and profound understanding of various philosophical accounts of death, especially in the thought of Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus and – most notably – Martin Heidegger. In my many conversations with him, I have been struck not only by his philosophical acuity, but also by his deep humanity and his sense of humour. Thinking about death in the right way, far from being morbid, frees us to become fully immersed in the life that we have yet to live. As Seneca said “Life without the courage for death is slavery”.
I highly recommend Johannes as a teacher and consultant."  
- Dr David Ashton MD PhD, Consultant Physician


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