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Johannes A. Niederhauser, PhD

Thinker. Philosopher. Renaissance Man.

Photo by Adam Toth

Twitter |  London

Max Gottschlich, PhD

Professor of Philosophy

Max' research focuses on Logic and the Philosophy of Nature.

Website  | Linz/Vienna

Philosopher & Social Entrepreneur

Tina Niederhauser

Tina's research focuses self-determination in medical ethics. She also runs a vintage shop.

Instagram  |  Augsburg

Leszek Stalewski


Leszek Stalewski writes fiction and for artists. His work spirals
around biographical and speculative fiction.

Photo by Phillip Kaminiak

Twitter  |  Berlin

Philosopher & Poet

Kubilai Iksel

Bon vivant, free spirit, poet, and philosopher.

Website  |  London

James Simpkin

Teacher & Indie Thinker

Part-time PhD student. Explaining Labour's Ballistic Missile Defence Policy. Podcaster and all-round good spirit. 

Shaun Berke

Painter & Philosopher

Classical painter and aestheticist. 

Website  | Pasadena



Chris is interested in the intellectual history of the West, and studies the connections between moral philosophy and literature.

Podcast |  Norwich

John Vouloir


Alter ego of our founder. Plays Altcountry and Psychedelic Blues

Spotify  | London


Adam Toth

Early adopter. Always looking for answers but never entirely satisfied.

Website  |  London

Guy Sengstock

Founder of Circling

Guy is an artist, poet, philosopher and founder of the Circling Institute

Twitter  |  San Francisco

Elly Dahms

Auto Mechanic & Indie Scholar

Mother of Three, Auto Mechanic & Student of Being

Silicon Valley

Filip Niklas

Philosopher & Poet

Filip's research examines freedom and logic. He also enjoys weaving new word systems in poetic form. 

YouTube |  Heidelberg


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