Guild Members

Founder & President

Johannes A. Niederhauser, PhD

Thinker. Philosopher. Renaissance Man.

Photo by Adam Toth

Twitter |  London


Max Gottschlich, PhD

Professor of Philosophy

Max' research focuses on Logic and the Philosophy of Nature.

Website  | Linz/Vienna

Tina Niederhauser

Philosopher & Social Entrepreneur

Tina's research focuses self-determination in medical ethics. She also runs a vintage shop.

Instagram  |  Augsburg

Leszek Stalewski


Leszek Stalewski writes fiction and for artists. His work spirals around biographical and speculative fiction.

Photo by Phillip Kaminiak

Twitter  |  Berlin

Paul Rentz, PhD

Honorary Member (R.I.P.)

Paul joined the Halkyon Guild and discussion circles in 2020. His good spirit and mindful contributions made him an invaluable member of our endeavours. He will be missed. Rest in Peace, Paul! We shall honour your memory.


James Simpkin.jpg

Kubilai Iksel

Philosopher & Poet

Bon vivant, free spirit, poet, and philosopher.

Website  |  London

James Simpkin

Teacher & Indie Thinker

Part-time PhD student. Explaining Labour's Ballistic Missile Defence Policy. Podcaster and all-round good spirit. 

Shau Berke

Shaun Berke

Painter & Philosopher

Classical painter and aestheticist. 

Website  | Pasadena



Chris is interested in the intellectual history of the West, and studies the connections between moral philosophy and literature.

Podcast |  Norwich


John Vouloir


Alter ego of our founder. Plays Altcountry and Psychedelic Blues

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Adam Toth

Early adopter. Always looking for answers but never entirely satisfied.

Website  |  London

Guy Sengstock

Founder of Circling

Guy is an artist, poet, philosopher and founder of the Circling Institute

Twitter  |  San Francisco


Elly Dahms

Auto Mechanic & Indie Scholar

Mother of Three, Auto Mechanic & Student of Being

Silicon Valley

Filip Niklas

Philosopher & Poet

Filip's research examines freedom and logic. He also enjoys weaving new word systems in poetic form. 

YouTube |  Heidelberg


Jeff Loveland

Disciple of Experience

Tesla Product/Growth Alum | Advisory Board: Human Garage | Past Lives: Wedding Bartender & Funeral Insurance Salesman |  Here. Now.

Lew Sterling


Lew Sterling is a thinker learning from Ancients and Moderns alike. His current project involves the contrast of cybernetic and phenomenological thinking. His study of Heidegger began in 2009, when he took a course on Being and Time. Since then, he earned his degree in Classical Languages and Philosophy, and brings this knowledge of languages to bear heavily on his writing and teaching. 


Daniel Zaruba

Headmaster of Japanese Thought

Daniel is a student of East Asian Studies residing in Vienna. He has been a member of Halkyon since early 2020. Daniel is headmaster of Japanese Thought at Halkyon. He also runs reading groups for Halkyon.

Vienna | YouTube