Dr. Johannes A. Niederhauser

Founder & President

Johannes holds a PhD in Philosophy from Warwick University. He has published widely on Heidegger, German Philosophy and Ancient Thought.

He is founder & president of Halkyon Guild & Academy. 

You can contact him here

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Dr. Filip Niklas

Headmaster of Hegelian Science

Filip's thinking examines freedom and logic. He also enjoys weaving new word systems in poetic form. 

At Halkyon he teaches a Masterclass on Hegel's philosophy and a course on the

Phenomenology of Spirit. 

Filip has a PhD in Philosophy from Warwick University 

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sean mcfaddden

Seán McFadden

Philosopher of Science and Technology

Sean has a bachelor degree in theoretical astrophysics from Marburg University and is currently finishing his Masters in Neuroengineering at the Technical University Munich.

He works for the Psychometrics Center in Cambridge,

before which he researched phenomenological theories of consciousness at the Leverhulme Center for the Future of Intelligence in Cambridge University.

His academic studies of artificial intelligence, complex systems and the philosophy of mathematics combined with his private studies of myth, religion and psychology have lead him to go into the depths of attempting to make sense of the rapidly changing modern world.

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Dr. Sebastian Ostritsch

Headmaster of Philosophy of Play

Sebastian has a PhD in philosophy from the University of Bonn. 

His research and thinking is devoted to Hegel and German Idealism, to the philosophy of gaming as well philosophical questions surrounding time and eternity.

In 2020, which celebrated Hegel's 250th birthday, his book "Hegel. Der Weltphilosoph" was published by Ullstein/Propyläen, a major German publishing house.

At Halkyon he teaches a German course on Hegel and in English a course on the philosophy of play. 

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